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Media coverage

Black and Bloom in the media and elsewhere


Glacier ice algae boost Greenland’s ice melt – nourished by phosphorus (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences news, January 2021)


Microscopic Mapping Reveals Impact Data for Melting Ice-Sheets (interview with Joe Cook for Labmate Online, February 2020)

Research shows how glacier algae creates dark zone at the margins of the Greenland Ice Sheet (University of Bristol news, February 2020)


Unfrozen: reports from the ice (public lecture by Jenine McCutcheon for Green Great Britain Week, October 2019)

The tiny algae at ground zero of Greenland’s melting glaciers (The Guardian, September 2019)

Not all labs are created equal (photograph by Jim McQuaid, displayed at the opening of the Priestley Building, July 2019)

Clouds dominate uncertainties in predicting future Greenland melt (University of Bristol news, June 2019)

The Dark Side of the Melt (talk by Jenine McCutcheon for Pint of Science, May 2019)


Mysterious Microbes Turning Polar Ice Pink, Speeding Up Melt (National Geographic, September 2018)

Ice Alive (short film by the Ice Alive project, March 2018)


Bioalbedo: algae darken the Greenland Ice Sheet (EGU Cryospheric Sciences Division blog, September 2017)

Cloud loss melts Greenland (Nature Climate Change Research Highlights, August 2017)

Sea level fears as Greenland darkens (BBC website, July 2017)

Feature on the Black and Bloom project on ‘The World Tonight’ (BBC Radio 4, July 2017, from 39:19)

How viruses are slowly turning Greenland black (interview with Alex Anesio for We The Curious, July 2017)

More summer sunshine leading to increased Greenland ice melt (University of Bristol news, June 2017)

The great Greenland meltdown (Science, February 2017)


Purple algae and its impact on Greenland’s ice (interview with Martyn Tranter on CBC Radio, September 2016)

Algae are melting away the Greenland ice sheet (Nature, July 2016)

Algae May Be Melting the Greenland Ice Sheet (Scientific American, July 2016)

The Tiny World of Glacier Microbes Has an Outsized Impact on Global Climate (Smithsonian, July 2016)

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