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Perspiration after fieldwork

The hard grind of processing and analysing our field samples is well underway, some two months after the field season ended. Most of us would die for even the 1% inspiration that comes with 99% perspiration when you’re running machines and crunching data.

2017-10-18 18.47.23

Jenine, Jim and Liane are currently at the NERC Diamond Light Source facility at Harwell,  using the synchrotron to analyse the small particles of dust that are found in the surface ice they collected and processed.

Chris is currently hard at work crunching his field data and writing two papers. Andrew and Joe sketching out their next round of project work, and will meet with Jenine in Sheffield next week to talk through where they are up to in their work packages. Alex Holland has passed her end of Year 1 Ph.D. progress meeting – congratulations! – and both she and Miranda are giving end of Ph.D. year progress talks to their Graduate School next week.

We will post project updates over the next weeks, and we will also post lay guides to our papers from here on too. Abstracts to scientific papers can often seem too technical and cold, and we will try to follow what some leading American journals are currently doing – producing shorter general summaries that get the message across in simple language.



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