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Field crew changed and second dash to the snow completed

All-but-one of the field team members were exchanged on Friday with Martin, Alex A, Andrew and Alex H putting into camp for their first session on the ice this year. They join Jenine for the final push of field work to round off the data collection over the next two weeks.

During the team change, our second dash to the snow line using our ‘space for time’ approach to capture the dynamics of the ice to snow transition was also successfully completed. Nine team members headed up past the snow line on AirGreenland’s Sikorsky helicopter to sample the particulates and algal communities present. Jim also continued his airborne sampling. Two snow/ice sites were also visited along a transect back to camp with plenty of sampling performed at both.

Joe, Johan, Ewa, Jim, Liane, Steffi and Chris all then returned to Kangerlussuaq on the final helicopter out of camp after almost 4 weeks on the ice for some. Though looking forward to the pleasures of clean clothes and showers and seeing family members again, all were sad to be leaving the ice after such an amazing field season!

After a day or so in Kanger re-packing equipment and getting samples ready for transport back to the UK and Germany, the outgoing team managed to fly back to their various homes keeping all samples frozen on the long journey back via Copenhagen.

After a bit of readjustment back into civilized life and a good catch-up on all missed events they’ll be plenty of pictures and stories of our time on the ice appearing on here.



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