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Algal production measured over 24 hr cycle

The weather has remained very good – good clear blue skies, little or no wind and temperatures above freezing – and moral in camp is high. Tom baked two loaves yesterday, since the crisp bread has all but run out until resupply, and fresh bread in the field is good for the soul.

Yesterday saw another 24 hrs monitoring of algal productivity using the 14C uptake method. Chris, Tom and Ewa are lying in this morning to recover, but Jim reports that all went very well. Tris has another good day flying his quadcopters and has collected another 300 spectra. The aerosol sampling is progressing very well, and Joe and Johan have been patrolling our MODIS pixel-sized sampling zone. They will be undertaking ice surface sampling today, along with Chris for microbes when he gets up. Overall, the field team have done a great job and acquired as much data as we back home could have dreamed of.

Jenine, Liane, Marian and Steffi are en route to Kangerlussuaq today, in readiness for the “dash” to the snowline and snow sampling on Tuesday. More of that in a later blog. The field team are getting ready for the dash, and for the crew change. Tris has been on early rise to make the porridge in the morning, and Tom has been chief bread maker, so the dynamic of both the science and the daily chore of keeping refuelled with hot food is about to change. The injection of new eyes and fresh energy will be great for the project, and Marian generating data back in Kangerlussuaq will be great for us all. I can’t wait to get there with Andrew, Alex A and Alex H in 10 days time.




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