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Rain overnight, but no rest for the wicked

The first heavier rain fell overnight and dampened morale a little, but the bright sunny morning and predicted higher temperatures for the next two days has the ice campers in better spirit. Chris is sleeping off yesterday’s exertions, but Ewa, Tom, Johan and Joe will be microbiological sampling today, along with collection of hyperspectral imaging and albedo determinations. Remnants of the smoke plume from the tundra fires in Alaska might drift over our site in the coming days, and Jim is on full alert for his aerosol sampling. He will filter large volumes of air when there is little dust in the atmosphere, but any remnants of the smoky air will contain more (dark) material, and he will have to change his filters more frequently. Tris is flying his quadcopters to obtain broader footprints albedo measurements, and the team seem happy that their work is coordinating and integrating well. Joe is downloading met data today too.

Several of the personal tents are now on ice pinnacles that are too high and slippery for full comfort, so will be repitched today. There really is no rest for the wicked.



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