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Hard work for the microbiologists

Morale is very good in camp, and work has been taking place around the clock. The microbiologists, Chris and Ewa, ably supported by Tom, undertook 24 hours of sampling yesterday, and seem very pleased with their efforts. Marion flies out Sunday to receive the first of the biological samples to process in the labs at KISS (Kangerlussuaq International Science Support), and Liane and Steffi will be on the ice next Tuesday generating even more work for her.

Jim’s aerosol sampling equipment is up and running smoothly, and Joe and Johan have been conducting hyperspectral surface measurements, along with sampling for physical surface characteristics and maintaining the met station. Tris has been flying his quadcopter and keeping an eye on our continuous measurements of albedo, along with Joe and Johan. The mess tent is moved, and the personal tents are about 6 inches up from the surrounding ice surface, and OK for the moment (but not too much longer). Food is very good and is being consumed, so the Welsh mum in me is content that the team are well.



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