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Everything coming together prior to Tuesday morning’s helicopter flight onto the ice.

Jim and Joe have been in touch a few times to let me know of progress in Kangerlussuaq. All is going well, I’m happy to report. They’ve been in touch with the helicopter pilots and confirmed the loading and flight times, Monday afternoon and first thing Tuesday morning. We’ve arranged radio contact channels with the helicopter and reconfirmed emergency call out numbers. Several folk have been very helpful to us. First, getting gas regulators for the cookers – thank you Jason Box. Peter Sinclair has kindly provided us with flares in he very unlikely event that we get a visit from a polar bear. We’ve also picked up rifles from Miki Nielsen. Thanks folks all.

Next things the team will be doing is to go through a mental check list of all the things you need for living and working on ice. It’s getting close to being the last time to treble check that you’ve packed all the little things that enable you to do your job and then to relax properly afterwards. The next helicopter will be in two weeks time, and so forgetting, say, your multi-tool knife or the ears phones for your music can be thoroughly frustrating while you wait for them to come next flight. It will also be the last time to get your tea bags and chocolate. Little things like these take on a disproportionate value when you’re trying to unwind after a hard day’s work in the cold.

The team will be e-mailing again tomorrow, so I’ll update again late afternoon. Thanks for reading again, Martyn.




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