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The first field team has arrived in Kangerlussuaq

The first field team has been in touch to say that their trips went well, and that they are settling into KISS (Kangerlussuaq International Science Support), prior to leaving for the ice sheet on Tuesday. They are going to be busy……. Most of the field gear and food was shipped to Kanger some months ago, and now it will need to be checked prior to loading onto the helicopter. There are a range of items that will need to be picked up in Kanger, such as rifles, ammunition and gas regulators, and we will need to meet in person and thank a range of people who have been very helpful to us by e-mail and phone, at the local hardware store, the supermarket and Air Greenland.

Chris, Ewa, Jim, Joe, Johan and Tom are in Kanger today, and Tris arrives tomorrow. Tom is a first year undergraduate from Bristol Geographical Sciences who joins us courtesy of a Royal Geographical Society Fieldwork grant. I am very confident that they will not be in town too long before they try a musk ox burger at the airport diner. This classic burger is a must for the carnivores on any field team, containing lean low cholesterol meat that almost tastes like chicken. I expect 20 free such burgers for plugging this product when I get to Kanger in four weeks time.

More over the next few days as the team check back on progress. Thanks for reading, Martyn.



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